The Next Star Arts Program

Next Star's goal is to reach as many children as possible in the East End of Richmond and surrounding areas through visual and performing arts programs. Currently we are able to reach ,on average, about 52 children each year through our various programs. 

Next Star is reaching its goal through the following programming:

  • Saturday Arts School -  This program runs on a semester basis with two semesters each year; one in the Spring and the other in the Fall.   Both semesters culminates in a Production that showcases drama, dance, art and photography works. 
  • Camps- Our camps offer the unique opportunity for children to see the world through dance, food sampling, games, art and crafts and music.  
  • Teen Poetry Club-  The Teen Poetry Club (TPC) is a pilot project targeted at teenagers serving as an avenue for them to express themselves creatively through writing.  This is a platform to write and share poetry with other teens who share similar passions fostering a sense of community. This project is scheduled to kick off in August 22, 2019.