The Next Star Arts Program

Our Programs​

Saturday Arts School 
In person/ virtual classes designed for children ages 5 and up.   Students explore cultures through  Acting, Dance and Art Classes.    Saturday arts school runs from 6 to 10 weeks at a time culminating in a public performance/ exhibit.   


  • Communal breakfast 
  • DARE - life coaching session 
  • Acting, Dance & Art Classes 

Check the home page  or on our social media platforms for information about our next session. 

Community engagement 

  • Senior Assisted Living/Nursing home performances

  • Public performances  

  • The African Cultural Experience- A community event that includes an art exhibit, a panel discussion, a dance workshop and storytelling. 


Extends our reach to assist under served children in rural schools in Ghana, by sending children’s books which we receive through libraries and personal donations.

Meet the Natives Series

Meet the Native Series provides children and their families the unique opportunity to experience cultures different from their own through the eyes of natives who talk about their countries, teach a cooking lesson, dance, art, poetry, etc.

International Arts and Culture Camp

This fun day camp offers the opportunity for campers to explore the world through dance, drum circle, art and crafts, games, cooking lessons and drama.