Next Star In The News

Next Star In The News

In the spring of 2021, Next Star partnered with the Virginia Management Fellows’ P4 project.  P4 stands for Private-Public Partnerships with a Social Purpose. The goal for this partnership was to learn about and engage in opportunities of the future in public, private, and nonprofit sectors in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This project was funded by the Office of Virginia’s Governor.

The Program Elements Include:

1. Students discover their own unique skills and passions through practicing self-reflection and using trusted assessment instruments.

2. Students relate to opportunities and resources through a network comprised of state, business, school, and community volunteers.

3. Local businesses and nonprofits engage with students to develop relationships and create foundations for a talent pipeline.

4. Fellows gain project management and leadership experience through facilitating meetings, organizing events, and reaching out to stakeholders.

5. Fellows use their own educational, professional, and personal experiences intended to inspire and guide students.

Click the links below to learn more about P4 and our partnership and also the Governor of Virginia’s press release about this work:

P4 Partnership:

Governor’s Press Release:

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