What to expect on Day 1 of class?

Students will get to know each other, there will be ice breaking sessions and students will have their first DARE session.  Students will begin work on their curriculum and production for the semester!​

What can I do while my child is in class?
You are welcome to wait.  Otherwise, please feel free to drop your child off and pick up at the end of class!

What should I know about absences?

Regular, punctual attendance is encouraged. Absences due to observance of religious holidays, sickness or family emergencies are understandable, however, due to the nature of our classes, more than three absences during a semester could affect a child's role in a performance.

Can I pull my child out of the program at any time?
One of the lessons we teach our students  is commitment.   We understand that sometimes life happens and situations may require that you pull your child in the middle of a semester. However, we believe it will be greatly beneficial to encourage your child to complete a semester.  Life lessons are everywhere and encouraging your child to stay committed to a decision sets him/her up for success. 

Is my child guaranteed a role he/she auditioned for?

Very early in the semester, our students audition for roles in upcoming production.  This is a life lesson moment, it gives us the chance to teach the kids how to handle disappointments, collaboration and team building.  There is a probability that your child may not get a role for which they auditioned.  We prepare the kids to handle whatever the outcome will be.  

What is your  policy on inclement Weather ?
In the event of inclement weather, we will make a decision  by 12 noon on weekdays and by 8:00 a.m. on weekends.
We will make an announcement on our website, by email, and/or on our Facebook page.