Our classes are designed to build confidence and promote creativity among our students. 

Creativity is highly encouraged in each class, we take ideas from the students and incorporate them in the final semester productions.    


 This group coaching session is usually lead by our Certified Life Coach and covers  topics such as Dealing With Change, Making Thoughtful Decisions,

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, etc.

Every child in our program participates in DARE.

This class typically covers the following areas:
Vocal warm ups
Physical warm ups

Theater Vocabulary
Script analysis, interpretation, and performance

Each class begins with a warm up of a drawing exercise and body movement which gets the mind and body to loosen up and allows creativity to flow freely.
Some of the topics covered includes:
Drawing with Paint Basics- Students learn the basics of drawing with pencils and paint; experiment with Line, shading value and basic shape designs.
Painting Basics- This requires learning the basic color wheel and how to mix them to make new colors.
Set design and construction-    This group assignment goes along with the theme of the end of semester Theater production. Each student typically has their own section of the landscape or design to work on and weeks later at the final production, they put them all together to make the final scene background for the play.

Our dance class is for ages 3 & up.   This class is dubbed “Blend of Motions” because it encompasses several genres; from African, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary.   The idea is to expose students to different styles but most importantly encourage their own creativity, the instructor encourages and infuses movements the students come up with into the routine.  Some of the topics covered in this class include;
Warm up routines
Creative movements
Elements of Dance

Tapping into the song